Are You Ready for a Journey to Adventure, Challenges and ultimately Self Discovery?

The Forge is where you will work on Becoming Your True Self, While Having Fun Earning Key Points to Level Up to Ronin!


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By Entering the Forge and taking on the Challenges within, YOU WILL GET STRONGER Emotionally, Mentally and Physically as well as learn how to work ...

Earn Keys and Advance in Ranks through challenging yourself in the "3 Dimensions of Growth" below...

The Three Dimensions of Growth in the Forge are...


1. The Mind
( Command Center)


2. The Body
( Warrior Athlete)


3. Your Community
( Your Circle)


We recommend journaling your progress as well. If you are dedicating time to do this with your child, and they are too young to journal, simply journal with them and share the "Forge Journal"...

Here is the Bonus... Once You Reach the Rogue Rank, we will give you a "Forge" Journal!


Once You have completed the Challenge in a Dimension, Click on the Button to Claim Your Key Points!


Creating a Positive Mind by Living with Gratitude.

Spend a couple minute a day to think about, or Say Out Loud, or Write Down 3 Things you are grateful for daily.

With consistency and through gratitude we start to learn how much we can impact the world around us.


Forging the Foundation with Push ups!

Build Strength, Mental Discipline and Body Awareness with completing as many push ups as you can 2 times a day.

With consistency, you will gain strength in your core and stabilizing muscles, as well as your upper body, and arms for strength and power.

Focus on Quality movement.  Scale the Push Ups if needed, and stay as close to form for as long as you can.  You will Gain Power by controlling your body and Willing it to stay in control. (Body on Target)


  Putting Gratitude in Action!

Simply show your gratitude at least once a day.

A simple, "Thank You" can do, but think bigger and try to go out of your way to let those around you how much you appreciate them.

Send a card, text, email, or call to a family member or friend you haven't seen for a while.